Friday, May 8, 2009


5 days later

water, water
3 for 3 life saved
saved life
rubber caresses water
water caresses rubber
sliding fast
40 miles per hour
fast or slow
floating on a thin slice
of air, of air
the hydroplane
my body is weightless
for once
for 1.5 seconds
control is suspended
the gods godesses
jesuses marys
allah buddah
orishas ahs
ahs ahs ahs
they sing and dance
swim inside the raindrops
kiss my lips
and Damani's hands
Mami's suspended threads of silk
Papi's pulled caramel toffee
hold our breasts, firm and still
straight and away
from broken glass
blowouts, dented steal,
flying doors
hoods, trunks
2 jembe drums
hold onto our shoulders
saving our hands
they will wait, wait
for our hands to speak to them
they promise
conversations for tomorrow
3 for 3
life saved
saved the day
hitting head on
1.5 seconds, gone
hitting sound, pounding
vibrating through space
back to life
stop to start
all over again
3 for 3
lives to celebrate
dance on
suspended threads of silk
and pulled toffee
kissing lips and fingers
made of black and white keys
1/2 notes sing
to black tar paved oceans
sing to wild flowers purple red
on the side of the road
3 saved lives
no time for regret
no time for fear or longing
1.5 seconds gone
in the light
everything is permitted

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