Thursday, May 21, 2009

Adelina's Last Day
at Centro Pedro Claver.
Adelina is going to help her daughter during her "parto".
This picture reflects the effects of the economic crisis on Centro and its ED, me!
I was late opening up. I still haven't got into the rhythm since we had to cut Don Alex's hours and he isn't able to open up shop on Monday's and Wednesdays and Fridayssssssss. Feeling bad and trying to light up the moment, I took a foto. I wasn't that late and Adelina and Don Francisco weren't waiting long but I can't stand it.
It makes me feel irresponsible. I understand I am taking it to the extreme but I hate when I have to wait for folks especially during work. So, all was forgiven and Adelina's last day is today. It was sad. Then I started thinking; I have to find a new receptionist. I have a meeting with Proyecto Ayuda tomorrow and hopefully they have someone.

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