Familia Maternal

Desde La Isla

                 Abuelo                 Francisca

Alicia Cabrera Soto

Alicia y Sus Amigas

New York City

Mami in Coney Island 

Alicia Lopez Cabrera
Miguel Angel Lopez

Diane Born 1st-1956

Mami and Diane in Central Park

Ricky Born 2nd-1958
Baptism Party

Petrified Pony Rides

Me Born 3rd-1962
 I was told that a picture with Mami holding a newborn in front of a Christmas tree, with a train set encircling the base of the tree, was me. Could'nt be. Just realized today I would have been  6 months old in December. This is a picture of Diane-born 1st.
Lets just say its me. 

Tere Born 4th-1964

The South Bronx

Tere and I - circa 1972 
97 Willow Avenue 

"Chichamba Park"
with my older sister and brother!

Philadelphia, PA  

 Damani born 1992

 more to come...