Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Charles Coaches Julia

So I was accepted and in April started the Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute at Bryn Mawr college. The program is intensive focusing on my development as an individual leader as well as a leader within my org Centro Pedro Claver.

I was provided an executive coach-Charles.
Our first session on campus was a little weird.
Charles gave me feedback with his eyes closed
and that inspired a very active and dramatic internal dialogue.
I tried to convince myself that we all have different styles of taking in information and responding.
there was one moment where I just stared at him and visualized the creation of a new
character for a performance. I definitely will steal the physicality for future study!

Ok-enough bustin' on Charles.
we had our second session and I was quite anxious about it.
I wasn't prepared and was realizing the traits that were documented in my
Myers Brigg Type Indicator, of which I am a Pressure-Prompted ENTJ (Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, Judging). That is another story!
It turned out to be good phone session-great so I didn't have to see him close his eyes.
Here are notes from our conversation:
  • I am creating crisis
  • I am 35% proactive and 65% reactive on the job. these are my numbers and it is an improvement!
  • I need to create a timeline for and invest in the board development work so that our new board can be self-sufficient
  • board needs to set and agenda looking up and out-the capacity and the leadership is there
  • I need to achieve connectivity with my staff, be centered so that we can move forward
  • I need to ask how my voice can be helpful during times of crisis
  • I need to have frequent staff meetings with status reports
  • Share my vison, the vision, their vision
the following notes I like the best:-)
  • I need to take time to reflect (a beach somewhere maybe)
  • the intellectual needs to be in alignment with the heart stuff
  • Internal integrity is important-if there isn't any then we become splintered and disconnected-this is so true Charles!
  • I need to change my language, be more definitive-stop with the namby pamby (my words) "I'm gonna try to do it" stuff
  • My internal dialogue needs to be up to speed with my outward projection (this refers to my superb acting ability to look like I am direct tough no nonsense, when I am insecure on the inside.
  • I have all that I need to...
My homework and workwork:
  • access and transform in to role as leader
  • help frame my vision, craft my message
  • Consult with artist me to be the leader that I want to be
I apologize to Charles and his closed eyes talk because this session helped! Its amazing what $5,500. can buy. Oh yeah, I am a scholarship student! Never mind!

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