Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lets Get It Started

My wrist t is killing me! I got one of those IMAK ergoBeads wrist rest to aleve any stress while I am typing and have no idea if it is working. I know that my wrist is sore and last nite I had to take 600mgs of rite aid brand ibuprofen to get a good nites sleep!

Since I began my work as an Executive Director for Centro Pedro Claver, I have always thought it would be a good idea to document my, what has turned out to be, carnaval like travels through the world of EDdome. It doesn't help that I am an artist so there have been many psycholdelic moments and visualizations, and performances, and...

I haven't figured out how to structure this blog thing yet but one thing I do know-
The story is important! The day to day joys and struggles are important! Being and artist and trying to do this is important!
Especially if you are the first Puerto Rican hermana I running an organization in a Puerto Rican and Black neighborhood, that had been directed by white men of god for the last 27years!

I have been here since July 2006. I'll try to start with today and when it moves me or is necessary, I will bring up experiences and/or lesson learned from the last two years.
All suggestions are welcome!
Lets get it started...

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