Thursday, April 30, 2009

Due Tomorrow

Hail 2009

The end of the day and the grant application is not done and due tomorrow!

I didn't get enough sleep last nite. At 3:33am the doorbell rang. I stayed in bed because sometimes somebody just rings the bell as they are walking by. It rang a 2nd time. I crawled out of bed. walked through the apartment to the front window and saw a police car on the sidewalk and police tow truck, flashing lights. I did a quick inventory of my overdue parking tickets as I opened the window and looked down a the cop waiting by the door. he asked if I was Julia Lopez and I said Yes. He asked if I could move my van so they could tow the car that was behind me. I looked at the car and the whole front end was smashed.

I floated through the day. I received mail form DCED saying that our grant report was rejected and if we don't provide what was missing in the next 30days that that would delay the receipt of the grant money from our last ap that was accepted and that we have already been waiting to receive for the last 5months. it is confusing how bureaucracy doesn't work sometimes...most times.

I met with John, my executive coach-sounds so weird to say:-)-today about
balancing groupings of the myriad of tasks,
scheduling grant writing-how can I do that and not always be on the tail of a deadline,
Dead Line...hmmmmm,
prospects for fundraising,
the budget ,
and making sure I take a break-3 to 4 day weekend?
I need the ocean.

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