Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling Chumped

5:37 PM
Gathering support materials for our proposal.
Tryin' to make the argument without bullshitting:
teaching art can be job training+ create social change

listening to white boy and white girl singer songwriters;
I'm Yours
slightly reggae-ish-too many times
ugh...and what kinda name is mraz?
tomorrows payday
grateful that I can actually get paid on payday
things that are hard to explain
my wrist still in pain
youthX trying to get off the corner
and the ED writes a letter for his probation officer
about his community service hours
for prison or for school?
haven't started my homework for NELI
Swine Flu
Obama's 100th day
my sister closed on her new house at 1pm today
first home owned
no time to celebrate today
gathering support materials for our proposal

I was watching the clock of my car radio as I tried to figure out the quickest way to West Philly! Down Erie, left on 15th, right onto Broad, left on Lehigh then left on 22nd, right onto Girard then all the way to 34th. I got to 38th street parked at a meter on the corner of Chestnut across the street from the 7-11.
The meter didn't take nickel or dimes and I had to buy a fake vanilla cappuccino-the only thing I could stomach-so I could ask for quarters from cashier.

I had enough quarters for 1hr and 40 minutes. I told myself to chill out, being late is not the worst thing that could happen in my ED life. I go through the maze that is the Leadership center at 3814 Walnut Street. I finally get to the receptionist and apologize for being late. She tells me that the meeting had been canceled. I hold my breath. She says she emailed me on Monday and called. Then I realize that we had been having issues around our web domain and emails. We also have been having difficulty with retrieving our voicemail messages (I'll tell you about our jack leg phone system later) So I never got the messages.

I walked over to the Barnes and Noble on 36th street. I didn't want to waste the quarters. Sat and had a burnt bagel that was still edible, looked at the flat screen monitor and read bits and pieces of news about the swine flu and Obama's 100th day.

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