Friday, June 26, 2009

This week was
a challenging week for Me;
ED me
Artist me
Mami me
Woman me!

The week was filled with preparing for and having difficult conversations. Our summer work program starts on July 6th and my Summer Program Coordinator was missing in action all week. It turns out that she was out of town all week, her phone isn't working and she won't be in touch until late today.

Our Housing Counseling program is undergoing a file audit...and we are struggling to recover documents to complete our files and be able to have our work be counted. As the ED I am ultimately responsible and when the shit hits the fan it blows first in my direction. I have felt like shit this week! Especially during my 5am wakings and I can't get back to sleep.

Things that kept me from falling or jumping off the edge:
  • Damani's smile and excitement when he got his Mac Pro Laptop. I had collected money from friends and family since his birthday in October and we finally got enough to make the purchase
  • speaking to Miguel Luciano, Michael Reyes, Edda Loredo-Santiago and Dan about their art and the work they will be doing with our youth this summer
  • Reading "Einstein's Dreams"

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