Friday, June 5, 2009

the Storm
seems to be an ongoing theme for the past few weeks, I have been running even when I was supposed to be standing still. I am running, even now, as I write...running downstairs to buy a flan de queso and coconut cake to support the mujeres of Hogar Crea de Delaware! I always see the guys on the street selling the sweets and never bought anything. I have worked with so many women who have are and have been incarcerated and most times they get no support no love. So I bought the cakes-disregarding my so called tight budget, disregarding my "diet" and disregarding the fact that I have to get the hell out of the office in 10 minutes.
I am on the way through the storm...
on my mind-
  • Onelia back in PR
  • Damani's costume fitting
  • Getting the work permit notarized so he can pe part of the film
  • catching a train to Langhorne
  • Left Marissa's present at home
  • A tough meeting with Ceiba staff and my staff
  • Pepon agreed to host Centro's 30th birthday kickoff dinner in August
  • Praying Damani passes all of his classes

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