Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Good Darkness

April 1996

They are alive
they look dead
fare branches
living through
cold wind rain
snow bare 
farely moving
with the breeze
inside alive
roots holding firm
into the ground
earth weavings
itself inside and 
around swirling around
thick threads
planted deep in
the ground
deep alive deep
old fervent
will live through
many storms
broken branches
may even tilt
a little from
tornadoes hurricanes thunder 
maybe may even be scorched by lightning
but will live 
through / bud 
will bloom
will flourish
please passersby
with fresh
green colors
white pink
hundreds of
beautiful thoughts
 she is nourished 
by random waterfalls
never complains
about the 
uncertainty of their comings
she craves them
and welcomes them
its surprise arrival
quenches her thirst
and stores extra
for the dry days
Bare Branches
stretched out 
always reaching 
for a blue 
sky to help 
them notice 
help them
remember the 
flowery days
the days of 
sweet smells
+ light wet 
droplets hanging 
on shy anxious 
Those days 
that help you
breathe easier 
let out sighs
take away
the bad darkness
divert any attention
to the desperate 
rendevous in her 

Huracanes secos
letras tras letras
el olor de la lluvia
olor dulce
te ayuda
se queda viva
respira mas facil
con cientos de 

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