Saturday, July 24, 2010

It seems to have all 
been standing still.
Where I left it
is a lifetime ago 
another life
everything has changed 
some things the same
I remember her 
see her in the mirror 
when I comb 
the knots out of her hair
it is unmanageable now
I see her everyday
when I massage 
the all natural complex 
honey moisturizer 
on her face
the skin is smooth 
still, it is looser than it was
10 years ago
her eyes are dark
still waking up at 5am
still tired but 
different tired
the future is shorter 
now, now 
I look at her face often
in the mirror
in the bathroom 
by the bureau
on the subway 
I look in the mirror 
I don't care 
where I take the glance
i have to look
there's not that much
time left

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