Saturday, August 10, 2013

Illuminate Me-with Las Gallas 2012

The Most Himself                                                         Installation, Poetry, Fotos by Julia Lopez

He was the most himself in the waters. 
He was flung into the air.
He laughed, joyous sound that comes 
when you are lifted so high
your hairs are on end,
just a hint of danger.
He was lifted more than humanly possible, 
floating through space tasting freedom.

Freedom, granted by the release
of his enslaved mother’s desperate arms. 
No place to land but into the deep dark waters 
that cleansed and engulfed his body full of life. 
His mouth was still open
when it made contact with the strange ocean.

It took him, acknowledged the sacrifice.
He took up the cross floating,
accepting his fate took up the cross, ferocious and flailing 
life before his eyes
he took it up.

He was the most himself in the waters 
The passage between patria
and this land, this land of accents 
foreign syllables
twisted tense stiff lips
moving pushing, spitting out words 
he does not understand.

The passage between patria 
and this land
lost at sea. 

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