Sunday, December 18, 2011

love poem

                                                                                 LA, 2010
I can see    
the stars
the sky is dark
and if I just
face forward
it would be
just you and me

sound of your water
pushing up against me
pushing up
against the
sand and earth

It rained
while we were
the sand is wet
I can
see you
moving swaying
hitting up
against me
my ears are happy
to see you
hear you again

at nite
you are more
more you

not may witnesses
pushing you
making noise
too new
too unnatural
modern sounds
your sound
is a million years

the darkeness

helps me
you are rough
all times
I think I know you
then you change
why do I bother
to leave you
to say goodbye...
just keep
coming back
same circle
always sad
when it ends

I keep trying
to run away
from you from me
I love you

every one of us
our own path...
yours is everlasting
you are always in
front of the
in front of me

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