Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Now and Always

                       'sun behind the clouds' by JLopez

Now and Always
the wire has been tight
high or low
low or high
it is always
stable and sturdy
now and always

Until the landing
forced or willing
it engages
leading us
forward backward
it comforts and terrifies

This is the way it is
if its not me this year

then its you
if its not you next year
then its me
is there an
end note?

Now and always

Climb the wire
for me

I climbed
the wire for you
all these years
with a smile on my face
my naked bleeding toes
holding on
for dear life
I stood

I stood...
a Neighborhood
a colleague
a leader
...difficult days
a relevant individual

a fellow a gal
a honey a pimp
a him a her a she a he
I stood

I practiced
backward forward
up down
trying to find
difficult and
exciting days

I practiced
in the air
on the ground
sustaining pain and fear
does it register

I will
will you...
on the wire

with me
back and forth
toes bleeding
to be
be a collective force...
or not

I extend my arms
offer respect
positive change
what does that
look like
to you
to me
this is a people’s emergency
it is a non profit
not just yours
not just mine

Forced or willing
there is no dead line
coping difficult days
high wire days

now and always.

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